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Here you will find the latest of photos most recently taken. This way you can find the freshest work immediately without having to go through each gallery.  As the photos get to the bottom of the page, they will be put into their respective categories.

I will also be featuring the models and pointing out my latest trends and locations!

Start here!

This is Ian.  He is from LA.  I found him on Grindr staying at some friend's very nice home in south Palm Springs. He's adorable and sexy!

Lock w.jpg

This is Reilly.  He was visiting from Chicago.  I found him on Grindr with the screenname "Artist Nudist", so I had to have him come over!

Sundoor w.jpg

Jonathan was taking a quick getaway, when I convinced him and his fat balls to come over and get naked for me!

Ready w.jpg
Pool Pointer w.jpg
Fig Daddy w.jpg

This is Vincent.  I first worked with him 14 years ago.  We did some really great photos out at the sand dunes. 

He lives in DC now.

This is Jeremy.  He lives over in Orange County.  We met through the website AdultFolio which connects models and photographers.

Amine is a local dancer, super sexy, amazing body!

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